Who do you choose to make Your Own Fragrance?


Fragrances are the hue of one’s personality. They make us linger and leave a lasting impression on our minds. You will forget the moment, but a good fragrance will dwell on your memory and will keep chasing you till the end. Is your sniffing nose knows no limits and crushes on every fascinating scent? Then, Why not, make your own fragrance! Create a scent that is not just a fragrance but signature of your personality which will make your spirit dance and wind sing.

Importance of perfume:

Perfumes are in human society from ancient times. The aroma unconsciously attracts people. It stands you out in public and boosts your confidence. One can’t imagine stepping out from home without wearing their scent, because we understand the fact that fragrances have the power to play with one’s mind and take place in their thoughts. Make your own fragrance through the best perfumer, and get a unique, alluring personality for your brand.

Who will create it?


Experience: Find a perfumer, who has a passion for fragrances. A well-developed nose, who have experienced the finest and rarest scents around the world.

Passion: Your perfumer must be excellent in the art of merging and creating a unique and mesmerizing fragrance. Find someone who knows the art of stealing the world’s loveliest scents and put them all in a bottle.

Quality: It’s not just the fragrance, but the chemistry behind its creation also influences the person. The duration will stay on one’s body, allergic test for sensitivity and chemical from which the fragrance is originated it all going to affect your business or brand name.

Creating perfume is an art, and not everyone can do it. Only an expert perfumer can create the right fragrance and tell which to wear on the body, to put in aroma candles. Just like music, it asks for dedication, skill and experience. And a perfumer blessed with perfect blend can make your own fragrance magical.

Each personality is different so is their fragrance. Fragosmic is dedicated and renowned perfumers who have magic in their hand and taste in their nose they are born to create fragrance and all set to make your own fragrance.



All You Need To Know About Fragrance Houses UK

The beauty of a perfume lies in its quality of being memorable. The scent seems to linger in our minds. Human senses may forget the moment but for sure will remember the fragrance. And what better uniqueness one could own than the singularity of an original perfume, crafted especially for one! Our fragrance house does exactly the job; we could give an exquisitely created perfume as the fragrance of your brand and business!


As an independent fragrance house, we offer you direct access to the perfumer, along with a low minimum order quantity; and yes- we do deliver fast! Our fragrances are made with selected ingredients from a large variety of raw material and the result comes in the form of the most enchanting and unique fragrance. The power that our fragrance house gives your brand is the power of promotion by the means of a fragrance;  a promotional asset that works directly on the human senses and makes your brand and business a memorable entity in the mind of the customer.

  • Our experienced perfumer designs fragrances apt for a brand! The fragrance is crafted in a way that it complements the concerned brand or business in the most elegant way.
  • The fragrance as such becomes a symbol of the brand.
  • Our Fragrance houses in UK sells a myriad of brands have had their symbol scent created by us.  

We at ‘Fragosmic’ are dedicated to the creative and subtle process of making fresh and totally original perfumes for you. Fragrances made by us once chosen as a symbol for your brand soon become the fragrance of our and our customer’s pride – and who in the world doesn’t love to take pride in his brand and business! So, give a ‘Frasomic’ a chance to create a fragrance for you – a fragrance, an image, a symbol!

Get Customized Bespoke Fragrances Made For You


Bespoke fragrances don’t need any introduction – they are perhaps the oldest fragrances tradition that has made its mark globally. The perfume fragrances of Bespoke take the entire world of personalization to the next level.

Fragrances have to be unique – there’s no science to it. The more customized you find; the more appealing is to your personality. A bespoke customized fragrance does exactly the same. It makes your fragrance smell impossibly lovely and intense purity, enveloping your entire body in the fragile heart and top notes.

Perfumes acts like your smell. They are personalized and become ones with your body offering a lingering embrace. We all dream to find our own signature fragrances – a scent that expresses your uniqueness.

Why Choose Customized Bespoke Fragrances?

You have your individual scent

Bespoke fragrances offer an exclusive access to its customized fragrances where the experts will mix the perfume fragrance – Offering you an exceptional smell that is only meant for you. Furthermore; you can choose to specify your preferences in order to get you favorite scent made for you only.

You can customize the fragrance as a personal gift

If you are thinking to give something unique than what could be better than gifting a customized Bespoke fragrance. With the festive season approaching; you can choose as the gifting idea. What’s the best part; it allows you to put the recipient name on the bottle to which you are gifting.

It’s a handmade masterpiece for you

You get to use the fragrances that Bespoke experts have customized for you. These experts blend the unique recipes which develop and tested accordingly. Once the expert confirms the scent with you; it undergoes the process of developing into perfume. The bottle is labelled as per the say; and further it undergoes for the final quality check process. Once the process is fulfilled; it is shipped to the desired address.

Are you looking for ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd; smelling usual? Bespoke fragrances can be the answer to your solution. From trend analysis to competitive landscape, the experts at Bespoke ensure to give their customers unique fragrances which are just meant for them. Bespoke fragrances are deeply rooted in their emotions hence; they know what it makes to make them stand exclusive from the rest of the fragrances. If you wish to customize your fragrance, you are just one click away.

Bespoke Perfumes: Enter The Glamorous World of Creating Your Unique Perfume

Enter the glamorous world of creating your unique perfumeChoosing for bespoke perfumes allows one to have a great glamorous experience in the world of perfume. What you obtain is a unique fragrance of one of your favourite male or female characters. You can become the perfume designer or get the services of perfume expert who would help you select the ingredients that seem to be perfect for your olfactory senses.

Your unique fragrance once established would be created and packed in a designer bottle that you select. You can even print your name or slogan and even upload your choicest pictures onto the bottle.

Why have bespoke perfumes?

Every individual is unique. Moreover, our preferences and minds keep changing over time. What you may like a teenager or as a child may not be something you prefer in the adulthood. Apart from this, what you perceive and feel at a formal gathering may be something totally different from what you would want in a private meeting. Having a bespoke perfume caters to all your requirements. Your perfume requires being one-of-a-kind just like you.

Mesmerising scents

Whether you a fan of damascene rose or the eloquent perfumes of sandalwood and lily, a reputable bespoke fragrance manufacturer would provide you with all for figuring out your unique perfume.

Moreover, creating a perfume is a fascinating work of craftsmanship that one truly enjoys amidst the scented environs. The modern technology and the ancient art of perfumery go hand-in-hand to give one progressive design where one can get one’s unique masterpiece.

The process

Creating your masterpiece may require you fill out a questionnaire. This help defines your character and your subtle preferences. If you select the main character for selecting your DIY perfume, some useful guidelines would make it easier to create a magnificent perfume. The character fragrances would guide one in the DIY perfume trend. The fragrance characters trends may range from bloomy-elegant, sensual-oriental or sporty –fresh.

The uniqueness of one’s perfume is sure to be obtained with countless numbers of combinations possible for arriving at the destination point. You can find out more about the formation of bespoke perfumes as per one’s preferences and unique character by visiting Fragosmic.

How to Design your Own Perfume?

How to Design your Own Perfume_Today, many people use customized perfumes to enhance their mood and add uniqueness to your identity. Not only they are useful in fighting body odor but also help to boost your morale. They are used to create an atmosphere of beauty and seduction. Perfumes are great to wear in functions, crowded places, holy communions, birthday parties etc. The fragrance you make yourself is free from any kind of harmful chemicals and is completely modified to your own taste. If you are looking to Design Your Own Perfume, then this guide can turn out to be very helpful for you. In this blog, we will describe some tips with the help of which you will be able to design your own perfume.
Material Needed

Perfume consists of a mixture of fundamental oils in base oil, together with liquor and water.

  • 2-1/2 ounces ethanol (e.g., vodka).
  • 1/2 ounce jojoba oil or sweet almond oil.
  • 2 tablespoons spring water or refined water (not tap water).
  • Dark-hued glass bottle.
  • 25 drops basic oils- The fundamental oils that you use will define how strong a fragrance is. These basic oils are known as ‘notes’ of the perfume.

>> 7 drops base note fundamental oils.

>> 7 drops center note fundamental oils.

>> 6-7 drops top note fundamental oils.

Procedure to make perfume

  1. Include the jojoba oil or sweet almond oil into the jug.
  2. Include the basic oils into the jug of jojoba oil and mix well. Include two or three drops of extension notes, if wanted.
  3. Include 2-1/2 ounces of liquor.
  4. Shake the jug for a few minutes at that point and let it sit for at least two months. The fragrance will start changing after one and a half month.
  5. At the point when the perfume reaches a taste that you require, include 2 tablespoons of spring water into it. Then shake the container to blend the fragrance, and put it in the dark-hued glass bottle to protect it from sunlight and heat.

Using customized perfume has limitless advantages like it makes you attractive, fight odors and improves morality, acts as mood changer, boosts your health and confidence, relieves stress and keep your mind calm. There are some popular online stores from where you can buy the customized perfumes. One of the recommended ones is Fragosmic.

Find Out The Signature Fragrance For Your Brand

Find out the Signature Fragrance for your brandThere are various benefits of creating ones’ own signature scent. Firstly, you can choose the natural perfumes that can lift up your mood and energy for different occasions. Secondly, you have a unique fragrance that stands out. Fragrances not only form the core of one’s personality but the modern business utilises the scents or their brand promotion. A bespoke fragrance can help your brand stand out in a competitive market.

The creation of bespoke fragrance involves working directly with an experienced perfumer for creating fragrances portraying the vision of the brand in the perfect manner. For a great experience and the best result, it is imperative to get a bespoke perfume creation service that can give all ears to your requirements.

For an individual, it would be an elaborate test of the personality and tastes so that a signature scent that compliments you in the best manner can be discovered. The best perfumers are the experienced ones. They are aware of the latest and the upcoming trends of the perfumery industry. This can be truly potential in carving out a bespoke fragrance that would be in sync with the fashion of the times alongside being a unique product.

Bespoke fragrances can be created for different applications including:

  • Fine fragrances: These include Eau da toilette, Eau da parfum and other alcohol-free fragrances.
  • Fragrances for home: These are the fragrances used in diffusers and scented candles.
  • Personal care: The fragrances meant for personal use like in hair care, toiletries, soaps and cosmetics fall into this category.

It is the best to choose a small business that is experienced in the field of perfumery. This is because they would have a wide knowledge base and also an ability to give individual attention to your requirements. A small business would respond quickly to the small order quantities.

Moreover, due to the long-established business, it is quite possible that the business has connections with larger fragrance manufacturing houses. So, once you have created the signature bespoke fragrance for your products, you can get a bulk quantity required for your manufacturing requirements. Read the reviews for the perfumer in terms of their quality of work and ability to respect the timelines or the deadlines of your project.

If you are looking for efficient perfumers and people who are truly good at creating many a bespoke fragrance that has made customers happy, you may visit Fragosmic.

Bespoke Fragrance: Finding Your Dream Fragrance with Professional Services!

Bespoke Fragrance_ Finding your dream fragrance with professional services!(1)There is so much more to perfumes than just a lovely fragrance. In case, you have a certain fragrance that matches your mood, getting a bespoke fragrance can make the day for you. Fragrances have a great effect on our mood and feelings. Wearing a natural perfume is going to keep your energy higher and you would be attracting great things in life.

Perfume wearers know how a good perfume can make them feel supported. If you are energetically attracted to wearing a particular perfume, it means you like how it smells! There are certain fragrances that work well during the day, others are meant for wearing nocturnally.

Similarly, we have fragrances that are meant for the hot season while others are for cold ones. One must change the fragrance with the season. When you undergo a change in your person, it is imperative to ensure that the new fragrance you choose matches your new energy.

You need to open up your mind and heart for the new fragrance. While your mind may not guess the perfume you want, your heart will surely do so. In case you do not feel the royalty while wearing your perfume, stop wearing it and go for a bespoke fragrance that makes you do so.

All perfumes are not equal- Why you need your own fragrance?

Wearing bespoke fragrances can change your life. One would never go back to wearing commercial and synthetic fragrances that are all the same.

The best part is the natural perfumes render the benefits of aromatherapy and help in shifting the emotions and feelings towards the positive spheres.

Bespoke services mean that you are going to meet your perfumer several times so that the professional can have a clear glimpse of your mental portraits. There would be so many things included in this including one’s eating habit, the sceneries and landscapes that excite your mind.

You can spray and sniff the perfumes time and again until you meet your signature personality scent. This scent would be given to you in an exotic bottle complimenting the perfume.

If you are bored of the wearing the same old synthetic perfumes and want something that can rejuvenate your mind and body, you may reach out to Fragosmic. The team presents you with a highly fragrant path to figure out your dream perfume with their service for creating a bespoke fragrance in the UK.